Farewell White Cliffs of Dover

Farewell White Cliffs of Dover

and a very Happy New Year,  happy Hogmanay and Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh!!

Storyteller/Builder Tahiti Rae closed her historic installation New Year’s Eve with a scene from Britain’s finest hour. From July through October 1940, the  Battle of Britain was fought in the air by The Royal Air Force, The Royal Canadian Air Force and units from many other allied and commonwealth countries against the formidable German and Italian squadrons. It ended victoriously for the allies and with the famous song by WWII chanteuse, Very Lynn.

In the virtual theater, spectators were treated to dog fights and aerial combat by Spitfires and Messerschmidts. I managed to get a few shots.

Dover battle


and here are a few from the virtual town of Dover, including when it snowed!


whiite cliffs of Dover-Recoveredstraight

Tahiti Rae is the brilliant and talented creator of  many LEA sims including Love, Henry and Evre , a journey through time. Keep an eye out for her next adventure.

Amanda Magick is the official blogger for Tahiti Rae. Read more here:

Be in The Battle of Britain!! ~The White Cliffs of Dover LEA14 Grand Finale~


God bless us, everyone

God bless us, everyone

a little machinima from the The Dicken’s Project’s virtual reading of Scrooge.

my attempt at an animated virtual Christmas card (made with a very basic program)

May the peace and joy of the season be with you all!

Many thanks to Caledonia Skytower, , Shandon Loring,  Aoife Lorefield, Dubhna Rhiadra, all the readers, builders and designers and everyone at Seanchai Library

I hear there was a secret chord

I hear there was a secret chord

I want to wish all my followers on both blogs the joys and blessings of the season, however you celebrate!!

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

“that David played and it pleased the Lord”

Greetings again everyone, I haven’t totally disappeared!

even though it all went wrongaa (the windows are from Saint Chapelle in Paris)

The end of the year is fast approaching. All life is clouded by desire and thus the soul is blinded. That is so true and it has been a very tough year for me, but I know there is the bigger picture, and that we are all part of the light and the eternal “Om” and “I am.”

The Winter Solstice  is approaching. Celts and other peoples from ancient times onward, celebrated that time of profound slumber, the longest night, the death before rebirth and, as a good blogging friend, Andrea, on her fine blog Harvesting Hecate , has pointed out, the time of dreaming.

As we get older that time seems to move more quickly. I often think of life as motion forward. The paradox is…

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