Summer’s end (and The Stolen Child Exhibit)

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the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter- dedicated to Nick

a short story:


Megan looked over the last  of the Black -eyed Susans glowing in the morning sun. It was time to lock up the summer cottage forever, she thought.  Something happened yesterday that had confirmed all her old fears and misgivings about the place. Some years before she had inherited the little house from her parents  but it had been years since she had come up to the lake- “as busy as life always was” she would explain to those who asked.


Megan’s husband had finally coaxed her to re-open it so he could  take up fishing on the summer and fall weekends. Somewhat reluctantly Megan agreed and with their daughter they began to spend more time there. Her daughter, Ingrid, loved it. Right away the little girl had found an injured crow that she nursed back to health and named Mr. Muninn.  Every day he would fly in…

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