Voices from the Grid (re: Sansar)

Life has overtaken me this last while and I’m aware I’ve been neglecting my blogs, but recently,  literary and virtual art critic, Cajsa Lilliehook (more about Casja here from the prestigious Eclipse Magazine, asked me to add my voice regarding my impression of the new Virtual World of Sansar. As I have been keeping a low profile I was very honoured and quite thrilled to write a small piece and to tell a little about my virtual self, an ethereal red head with  jerboa ears (the better to hear all goings on), and rather large hands (the better for holding camera equipment and swatting at virtual midges*).

The more  mundane self of course, is on my main blog.

( you will  have to use the page zoom to read it)

Do check out these other clever, talented and often funny voices from the virtual world who are up to their ears in pixels and creativity – Strawberry Singh, Isabel Cheren, Kit Boyd, Nillia Lamilton, Sena Smit (who has a build on Sansar called Calm Lake), and Eve Kazan as they talk about their experiences with Sansar. ( links to their flickr or blogs are provided).  Take a look at  all the great interviews and features in Eclipse Magazine.

and a few scenes from Sansar


and check out Inara Pey’s informative blog post


*midges  annoying little flies on Skye and in the highlands of Scotland during summer-

or any virtual pests

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