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(The chieftains- An Gaoth Aneas (The Wind from the South)

Visit this enchanting world – Niamh’s Journey of Dreams by Ceakay Ballyhoo – story and images by CybeleMoon.          Touch to transport to:  Niamh’s Journey


Background: For any who do not know the legend and story of Oisin (Ossian in Scottish)  you can find many interpretations and tellings of the tale. This is just my own fable told from another perspective, that of Niamh. It is said Oisin himself was the son of a great chieftain and a fairy. While out hunting he came across the beautiful sidhe, Niamh, and fell in love. He went back with her on a white horse to the land of enchantment, Tir-na-nog, where they danced and feasted every night and lived happily. As happy as he was, at some point he became homesick for his friends and family and wanted to see them one last time. Niamh begged him not to go back but he was determined, so she gave him a horse and told him he must not dismount or set his foot down on the ground for if he did he would never be able to return.  Back in the land of his birth he could not find his family or any of the familiar places and when the girth on his saddle broke he fell and accidentally set his foot down. At that moment the spell was broken and he became a very old man. He had not known that he had been away for more than 300 years.  It is said that St.Patrick found and baptized him after hearing his story.  Some tales state that Oisin did say that he would rather spend one day in fairyland than an eternity in heaven.

The full Tales of the Tuatha ( de danann) are found here

Sunday, May 21 at 11:00 AM SL time, step through the enchanted portal

Bring an umbrella, it always rains in Ireland

Master in-voice story teller and published author in real life, Caledonia Skytower from Seanchai Library takes us for the second time on Niamh’s Journey (based on my Tales of the Tuatha..) through Ceakay Ballyhoo’s enchanting storybook landscape.

If you missed it before here is your opportunity to immerse yourself in a quest and adventure based on an old Irish legend and other Celtic tales.

There will be upcoming tours in voice in the summer but you can visit anytime and follow the story cards yourself as you walk through the sim.

Some comments left on the sim:

The Spring

“what a beautiful enchanting story”- A Blackrose

“Love the sim and the beautiful story”-R. Moonshadow

“Such a beautiful concept- thank you”- S. Juliesse

“As the waters swirled around her the salmon appeared again. It was then that she realized what was weighing her down. It was her dreams. She had not noticed how heavy and onerous they had become and now she was drowning in them!

Ceakay and Cybele- the creators

and on the Tales themselves ( on my main blog)

“A luminous reworking of the legend.” LV

“Beautifully poignant, wonderful imagery, you transported me to an enchanted land” AS

Come and enjoy the magic.

the way to Tir-na-nog
More posts about the Tuatha de danann: and here too




Salmon is associated with wisdom in Celtic myth

The Tuath(aDé Danann usually translated as “people(s)/tribe(s) of the goddess Dana or Danu“), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”), are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are thought to represent the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland.(Wikipedia)

The Tuath Dé dwell in the Otherworld but interact with humans and the human world. They supposedly arrived in Ireland in a floating mist. They are associated now with the fairies or sidhe.

some lovely reviews:

and Owl Dragonash’s Niamh’s Journey

Caledonia Skytower in A storyteller’s notebook

Inara Pey  on Living in a Modem World

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