Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Virtual stories!

Ceakay Ballyhoo of “The Forest Beyond” and I have had the most amazing collaboration in bringing  Tales of the Tuatha  to life! Ceakay tapped into my vision with her own special art and and has created a magical and enchanting world.

Follow Niamh’s journey through her pouch of dreams to the sacred spring  and her oisin ridingpredestined meeting with the young chieftain Oisin.






Meet her childhood friend Bran, the red stag, the grief stricken king, the swan maiden’s children, the priest, and the terrible Morrigan, as the stories unfold along the way.

If you are traveling alone, touch the story cards on the path for each chapter (notecard).



On Wed, April 19th at noon, sl time, Caledonia Skytower of Seanchai Library will take you on a tour and read aloud.  There are other live readings as well to be announced on the sim.

Visit the legend here

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the swans

Tales of the Tuatha coming soon to a sim near you

Tales of the Tuatha coming soon to a sim near you

I am honoured that gallery owner, Ceakay Ballyhoo, is creating and presenting a shortened version of one of my stories, “Tales of the Tuatha.” Ceakay is a storyteller, and artist/creator of A Water Colour Wander and The Forest Beyond in the virtual world of SL.

You will be enchanted as Ceakay transports you to the world of an ancient Celtic legend, that of Niamh (Neev), one of the people of the mound (also called the Tuatha  de danann or sidhe) and her journey through a pouch of dreams to the Sacred Spring where she meets the mortal chieftain Oisin (O’sheen), whose fate has been intertwined with hers in those dreams.

Ceakay is working hard on this sim which I have seen and can say with certainty is magical! She is using the images from the story which have inspired her landscape along with the storyboard text so that people who visit can read as they go along.  On opening day the story will be presented in voice (to be announced).

The full version is on my main blog. (link in image)

The end of a fine story is like the end of life itself. I love Niamh. What spirit, what soul, what dream you put in her is pure, lovely, and most enchanting. I find it very saddening that all stories must come to an end. Thank you for sharing it, Cybele!- P. Nena
an absolutely magical tale – absolutely beautiful images and a magical story. Your words weave quite a spell.- S.G.
In ancient Ireland you would be known as a Seanchai! You know how to draw the reader into the tale! Ed Mooney


an honour! Image of the Day

an honour!  Image of the Day

I’ve been away from blogging for a bit and struggling this last while with direction and motivation for my art and stories. ( see my post on my main blog)

To bolster my flagging spirits I recently re-read one of the loveliest testimonials I could ever receive from a kindred soul:

“There are very few authors that can draw the reader into the story, where time ceases to exist and you feel like you are part of the tale. You Cybele are one such writer. Thank you so much for sharing these stories with me. In ancient Ireland you would have been known as a Seanchaí Ed Mooney, author and photographer at The Ruin Hunter -re: A Canticle for Meg and Tales of the Caravanserai”

I’m working on it!

One of my virtual art pieces on Flickr was picked for Kultivate Magazine‘s Image of the Day! Many thanks to John Brianna and all my supporters. The virtual world has become another venue for the arts.

Aiobhell (pronounced “ee-‘vell”), one of the sidhe

 ….It was her harp that the great hero, Cuchulain heard at the time his enemies were gathering against him at Muirthemne, and he knew then that his life was near its end.   

(Please join me on my main blog The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter for more stories, myths and history.)


Though I’m not always on line you can see my virtual gallery along with those of many other fine artists at LEA 10 – Whitechapel – a great glimpse of London in the 1880’s. I am also one of the story readers in voice. I will be reading Tuesdays 4:30 pm Sl time. The stories are in the style of the “Penny Dreadful” publications of the time. There is a calendar of readers and stories here.

A few of my pieces will be at the Kultivate Spring Show April 3-9  and keep an eye out for virtual artist and builder Ceakay Ballyhoo’s new storytelling installation which she is basing on my Tales of the Tuatha series.

Ondine, one of the Naiads -(porcelain face by Dollmore)
 women of Ireland