At The Gallery

A visual treat!

set aside a little time to visit this superb and exciting, whimsical and poetic art gallery

a big thank you to Pearl of a Million Happy Endings for her wonderful post about the gallery.

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Seraphim has recently had two lovely visitors at the gallery…


… first was the enigmatic Pearl Grey, Seri’s oldest SL friend, who is an SL blogger, and who has done several posts, over the years, about Placebo Gallery, much to Seri’s delight. Pearl had not visited the gallery for a while, and had come to take some pictures for anotherpost about the gallery! That post was very sweet, and Seri loved it. As a result of that post, Seri got her second visitor…


… CybeleMoon, who had seen Pearl’s post, and come to check the gallery out. Seri and Cybele hit it off almost straight away, Cybele being not only charming, but an artist herself. Seraphim now has two gorgeous works by CybeleMoon in the gallery (:


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Mistwood Gallery on Storybrook

Mistwood Gallery on Storybrook

If any of my Runes Blog followers want to know what a story looks like in an immersive  360 degree virtual world, I made this short video which was the best I could do using Fraps and Filmora and a few limited effects on a very slow PC.

Much better of course to see the build first hand! Ceakay is multi-talented and a water colour artist in real life. She did justice to my tale giving it that touch of magic and at the same time using my images for the story cards and as her inspiration.

the journey begins here

the tale of a young girl who searches for her dreams and finds her destiny

reblogged on Kultivate Magazine

and another wonderful review on Pearls’ great blog A Million Happy Endings

Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Virtual stories!

Ceakay Ballyhoo of “The Forest Beyond” and I have had the most amazing collaboration in bringing  Tales of the Tuatha  to life! Ceakay tapped into my vision with her own special art and and has created a magical and enchanting world.

Follow Niamh’s journey through her pouch of dreams to the sacred spring  and her oisin ridingpredestined meeting with the young chieftain Oisin.






Meet her childhood friend Bran, the red stag, the grief stricken king, the swan maiden’s children, the priest, and the terrible Morrigan, as the stories unfold along the way.

If you are traveling alone, touch the story cards on the path for each chapter (notecard).



On Wed, April 19th at noon, sl time, Caledonia Skytower of Seanchai Library will take you on a tour and read aloud.  There are other live readings as well to be announced on the sim.

Visit the legend here

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the swans