a traveler in both worlds

The Dune Mouse is also the author of the Blog  The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter,  a journal of her travels and tales.

traveling leaves you speechless  then turns you into a storyteller“- Ibn Battuta


my old photos- Venezia and Ponte Sant’ Angelo, Rome

( an excerpt from Sue Vincent’s great guest intro)

….. Her parents arranged for a five week trip to Italy to visit a cousin.  She did not return home for almost two years.  It was one of the more manic phases of the mad mouse. This type of occurrence though infrequent was perfectly explainable as she didn’t seem to dwell in the same time frame as everyone else.  As she herself wrote “Sometimes she found herself in a perfect bubble of stillness while the warbling note of a robin hung on eternity’s edge, and sometimes everything would spin off in all directions!”


She wandered through the Mediterranean area and North Africa and lived for a while in Greece on Leonard Cohen’s former haunt, the island of Hydra, scribbling untamed thoughts and romance until the Sirocco winds blew- and her exasperated father sent a ticket for her to come home and answer for herself.  Cybele knew the answer had long been lost in the seductive dance of an oasis mirage and in the mournful wail of the dunes as they are created and destroyed by the desert winds.”  



Her credentials are sparse but her penchant for stories both verbal and visual grew. …..Cybele and her daughter have traveled together through Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and France always keeping in mind, Murphy’s Law; “when all else fails refer to the map or GPS.” Her daughter has an unerring sense of direction and an intuition about train and other schedules and keeping her mother on track.


the full interview is here on Sue’s fine blog

…..And the Virtual Pilgrim

Colorful textures for photographers

is a fan of all ages and teleportation pages from the pen of Rand Miller and Cyan ( Myst and Riven etc)



She likes nibbling through the virtual libraries too, looking for lost ages and linking books and loves the artistic expression in the Second Life university and Seanchai Library.  She is showing her art there and has just collaborated on an immersive story book sim.

Dear Dune Mouse, shut up and get it together

….and alluding to the “Sleeper must awaken” – Muad Dib,  her virtual journey began on a desert sim, with the dune mouse, a lover of solitude, and a somewhat distracted creature in all worlds. There was even a secret society of Dune Mice, The Jerboa. However, she ended up taking a long hiatus and a detour into a different adventure and that was another story. Link here (if you dare) to the original mouse trap disaster.

Mousequeen small
oops, wrong mouse! and an evening at the Nutcracker

‘Oh well, let’s unfold our own myth!

winter fairy7

and so, she took up story writing again

an enrapt audience








The Siren’s Bones


“Sometimes when Fiona was putting out the wash she saw little Muireal standing on the dock, staring out to sea with her little head cocked as though she were listening to something that was inaudible to everyone but her.”



About Cybele: I still seek old bones, tomes and philosophers’ stones and other wonderful nonsense. I lovwicklow-mountainse history, paleontology and I’m an avid star gazer. And of course I travel whenever possible including the mountains and shorelines of British Columbia. INFP- introverted, neurotic, fastidious person.

(A Canticle for Meg, Tales of the Caravanserai)“There are very few authors that can draw the reader into the story, where time ceases to exist and you feel like you are part of the tale. You Cybele are one such writer. Thank you so much for sharing both these stories with me. In ancient Ireland you would have been known as a Seanchaí“- Ed Mooney, The Ruin Hunter


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