The Dune Mouse is also the author of the Blog  The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter,  a journal of her travels and tales. Her bio is there.

traveling leaves you speechless  then turns you into a storyteller“- Ibn Battuta


Colorful textures for photographers
The Virtual Storyteller

is a fan of all ages and teleportation pages from the pen of Rand Miller and Cyan ( Myst and Riven etc)

underground hallways (Uru)
Atrus, writer of ages and linking books (Rand Miller)

She likes nibbling through the virtual libraries too, looking for lost ages and linking books and loves the artistic expression in the Second Life university.

Dear Dune Mouse, get it together

….and alluding to the “Sleeper must awaken” – Muad Dib, the dune mouse, a lover of solitude, and a somewhat distracted creature in all worlds, she once took a long virtual hiatus and that was another story! Link here (if you dare) to the virtual gossip page and lengthy critique.

Mousequeen small
oops, wrong mouse!





‘Oh well, let’s unfold our own myth!






and so, she took up story writing again

an enrapt audience



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