Impressions of Evre

Impressions of Evre

Evre is the creation of Tahiti Rae and I feel compelled to do a small tribute to her amazing work.

Ever since I became interested in astronomy and the Cosmos (Carl Sagan) I have been taken with the mystery of time and space. We are all caught in the cosmic veil which continuously folds and bends. I never felt this more keenly than when I visited the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and walked through the profound silence of that suspended tapestry, forever and tragically stilled on Aug 24, 79 AD.

Tahiti Rae takes us on a beautiful virtual journey through alien abductions, spirit worlds and paranormal phenomenon that explores the layers of time and our perceived place in it that I call

The Journey to Everywhere


and I will come again my love

though it be ten thousand years

..continue reading and follow the path to everywhere…!