A Glimpse of Enchanted Wonder

A Glimpse of Enchanted Wonder

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Art as Ethereal Beauty

..When it comes to the art of Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo), we are given not so much a window into a narrative, but a doorway into entire realms. Her work is, in a word ethereal; there is a beauty and depth to it which is magnificently and hauntingly moving – and you can can witness this for yourself at the meadow art area in Commune Utopia, where she has been invited to exhibit her work. She presents 15 pieces (16 if you count her enchanting bio giver) and as always, all are truly marvellous pieces. To enjoy them to the fullest, be sure to set your time of day to midnight….


Through Owl's eyes...


I am so excited to have Cybele Moon’s work at Commune Utopia.

Cybele or Hana creates a mythic portal with her photos and stories.

She draws you into a enchanted realm where you cannot help but find yourself in awe of this master storytellers art!

Saturday, July 22 – 12pm

@ Commune Utopia

GALA ART PARTY–all welcome!

“Cybele Moon aka Hana Hoobinoo or the

Dune Mouse, and “not always here or there”

loves to wander in all worlds.


“Cybele love stories.  She is drawn to both history and myth. “The Siren’s Bones” is inspired by the Celtic (and Icelandic) legend of the Selkie. “Tales of the Caravanserai” is based on travels through North Africa, and The Sacrifice of Smoke Jaguar is inspired by a journey through Central America.”

“In real life she photographs both dreamy landscapes and old stones, sometimes using an infrared camera. Her photos…

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Photographs or Screenshots?

Photographs or Screenshots?

( pop over and check out my latest photography adventures here at The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter)

I’ve read some wonderful posts and comments recently on this topic (see below). It makes for a thought provoking and imaginative discussion.  I belong to a few groups on Flickr who do not allow any SL screenshots and I’ve listened to some angry diatribes as to how  Second Life images have taken over Flickr groups. I admit the number of SL groups on Flickr is quite prodigious, but a few of them like Blue Moon Gallery and Kultivate Magazine will take both virtual and RL shots and I post to both. So for those who know me as the Dune Mouse on The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter and the few who might know me from one of the virtual galleries..

I admit rl photography is my passion. But…

Art imitates life? A woodland in SL and one out back of my rl home.



what constitutes art? I love portraits and was quite pleased with my virtual “bean sidhe” Aiobhill, on left which was picked as “image of the day” on the Kultivate Magazine Blog.



Many virtual artists and sculptors have a brilliant eye for  light and design and often use the platform in more abstract ways to present concepts and ideas,whether social, spiritual or psychological.

Below is a virtual image from my story The Siren’s Bones (using a real girl in an sl setting), and the beautiful and fanciful watercolour build by rl artist Ceakay Ballyhoo who brought my “Tales of the Tuatha” to a virtual setting.



And, what about the builders! To me they are the true artists and story tellers. I’m paying homage to their talent when I take a “screenshot.” They use the pixel spaces to paint amazing and imaginative landscapes and their animated canvases allow others to enjoy and create stories of their own.  And thus the progression through time, of storytelling,  literature, art and movies culminates now in immersive virtual theater.

forests and temples of the imagination in all worlds



I love the storytelling aspect of the virtual world and the fantastical landscapes, though I am old fashioned.  I still like the tactile experience of holding a camera and venturing out into a more physical and full sensory event, like climbing old stone steps or feeling the wind on a forest path, which a virtual world cannot give me.

Creative editing is a separate project and it matters not where the picture originated. Visions become art and poetry.  I applaud the artists of Second Life and other virtual worlds. If an image moves me in any way or provokes a thought, I consider it art.

I would have loved to include the work  of others but out of respect for copyright do instead check out these great virtual art blogs and the thoughtful discussions and comments. Some of the machinima created by these same artists is amazing.





Check out my sidebar for just a few of the many virtual artists, builders, writers and

Impressions of Evre

Impressions of Evre

Evre is the creation of Tahiti Rae and I feel compelled to do a small tribute to her amazing work.

Ever since I became interested in astronomy and the Cosmos (Carl Sagan) I have been taken with the mystery of time and space. We are all caught in the cosmic veil which continuously folds and bends. I never felt this more keenly than when I visited the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and walked through the profound silence of that suspended tapestry, forever and tragically stilled on Aug 24, 79 AD.

Tahiti Rae takes us on a beautiful virtual journey through alien abductions, spirit worlds and paranormal phenomenon that explores the layers of time and our perceived place in it that I call

The Journey to Everywhere


and I will come again my love

though it be ten thousand years

..continue reading and follow the path to everywhere…!