Mistwood Gallery on Storybrook

If any of my Runes Blog followers want to know what a story looks like in an immersive  360 degree virtual world, I made this short video which was the best I could do using Fraps and Filmora and a few limited effects on a very slow PC.

Much better of course to see the build first hand! Ceakay is multi-talented and a water colour artist in real life. She did justice to my tale giving it that touch of magic and at the same time using my images for the story cards and as her inspiration.

the journey begins here

the tale of a young girl who searches for her dreams and finds her destiny

reblogged on Kultivate Magazine

and another wonderful review on Pearls’ great blog A Million Happy Endings

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  1. Oh my, that is beautiful. Did you narrate it? The voice amazing. I loved the rain in Ireland words too. They made me smile. I know you said you only had a few things at your disposal but this is a fantastic job.

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  2. oh thanks so much Shey for popping over!! yes I did narrate though someone else told the story when it opened and people meandered through. Imagine! virtual storybooks! The builder created a path with story cards along the way and different little scenes. I thought it was quite brilliant though you must make an account and all that to actually visit the grid. Such an amazing potential for education and art. I know a woman (artist) who received an art grant from the Ontario Government of Canada to create installations there. It can be fun and challenging but also easy to lose a sense of time. I had to turn things off after a bit and get cracking in reality lol.

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  3. Hee hee! Yeah, I guess so. Well, you did a great job and aren’t virtual story books gorgeous? I loved the music and your voice fair set it off. Excellent work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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