Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Virtual stories!

Ceakay Ballyhoo of “The Forest Beyond” and I have had the most amazing collaboration in bringing  Tales of the Tuatha de danaan  to life! Ceakay tapped into my vision with her own special art and and has created a magical and enchanting world.

Follow Niamh’s journey through her pouch of dreams to the sacred spring  and her oisin ridingpredestined meeting with the young chieftain Oisin.






Meet her childhood friend Bran, the red stag, the grief stricken king, the swan maiden’s children, the priest, and the terrible Morrigan, as the stories unfold along the way.

If you are traveling alone, touch the story cards on the path for each chapter (notecard).



On Wed, April 19th at noon, sl time, Caledonia Skytower of Seanchai Library will take you on a tour and read aloud.  There are other live readings as well to be announced on the sim.

More about Mistwood Storybrook Sim

and the story tours

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by Inara Pey  on Living in a Modem World

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Ceakay’s Niamhs Journey of Dreams

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Caledonia Skytower in A storyteller’s notebook

the swans



    1. Hi Shey, thanks so much. You know I have not been a huge “virtual worlder” except for my love of Rand Miller’s Myst series and now this. It’s been great fun to see Ck’s vision unfold and be her advisor! I had no idea there were so many virtual artists and those creating the most fantastical landscapes and gallerias since I first tentatively stepped into the grid. It’s been a most interesting time this last year including the discovery of the huge virtual literary circle of people who write and love to tell stories in voice-much easier than standing in front of a real audience though some of them do both!! 😀 It’s a whole new world opening up in cyber space- like science fiction! Caveat Emptor and all that!


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