A journey by field and sea

For the time being I will be posting only on my main blog due to time constraints. There you will find virtual, fanciful and RL images and stories. You won’t be disappointed.

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

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Almost spring and the song of the blackbirds and of the sea, – and of Selkies and seals     How does one shed their skin and become human?” she asked the great shape-shifter. “The last time I tried to go ashore the dogs howled most frightfully and drove me back into the sea.

fields rushes

Out there in The Fields, where the blackbirds rehearse their joyful courtship songs

(full screen is best)

(and The Selkies Lament – my love of Celtic and Icelandic lore accompanied by The Chieftains with  the beautiful “Wind from the South” inspired this little video)

(watch full screen)

These are all my own photographic “stills” edited in the magic of a program called Photo Mirage (except for the seal clip) which creates the wonderful motion effect.

A selkie is a legendary shape shifter, a seal in the…

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