Another Virtuality

It’s been awhile since I posted here and I’m no game reviewer but I must mention a virtual world that has been taking up some of my recreational time lately.


Obduction is the newest release from the Cyan lab and studios. Cyan is a small Indie developer of pc games located in Meade, Washington (near Spokane).  Obduction is  the brain child of Rand Miller who (with his brother Robyn) brought us the wonderful story and virtual adventure of Myst (and later, the sequel, Riven). In that world, the mysterious D’ni people lived in an underground city and had the magical ability to write new worlds into linking books.

The involved, interactive story line and cerebral puzzles appealed to a new audience of pc gamers in those years leading up to the millennium. Superior graphics and imaginative and beautiful settings made it an instant success. It shot to fame in 1993 with the award of Game of the Year. My brother, who is a school teacher, enthusiastically introduced me to the original Myst and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Atrus, writer of ages, (Rand Miller)
Rand Miller as the D’ni, Atrus, writer of ages,

The company later created a Myst spin off (called Uru) to the online world of multi players, but due to lack of finances and new content, as well as competition with the newer “massive” online games, it was not as successful. However, Cyan continued to maintain  a loyal following of enthusiasts and backers. They have many fans who are Second Lifers. I believe a sim was created for Myst and Uru aficionados.

The newest venture has been a long time coming but is no exception to their brilliance. Though it took me awhile to fully engage in it due to a busy life schedule, there came a point as there always has been in their previous creations where you suddenly gasp and go Ahhhh!!


a brief introduction:

You have been abducted by aliens and taken to a strange world that looks very much like a ghost mining town in Arizona. There has been some kind of battle. Once you discover the secrets of the town you will find portals to other amazing worlds.

portals from the roots of the great tree
the chasm pathway
alien pods?

Where ever, whatever, and how ever advanced, this planet is surprisingly and wonderfully steam punk, with cogs and wheels, levers, and whirring blades. Alongside the creaking machinery, laser beams and particle emitters blast away.  There are lost cities on cliff side paths (looking very Mesoamerican),  alien pods, fire winged insects and a great tree whose roots lead to a place of entry into other dimensions of time and space. This is not a fast paced game. No one jumps out to do battle though you will get that eerie feeling that you may not be alone! Take your time and enjoy the fantastical landscapes as you unravel the mysteries and find a way home. If you are stuck, there are online walkthroughs.

My final word is that “Cyan delivers the adventure once again!”


Visit Obduction or purchase the game here

The Aggie Awards – The Best Adventure Games of 2016

Obduction -best game play, best settings and reader’s choice

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