Seanchai Library and Lollygagger Lane

Jane Austen’s last novel, Persuasion.

A wonderful reading today in the beautiful English Countryside of LEA 8 with Caledonia Skytower and Kayden O’Connell of the Seanchai Library. Their calendar of literary events is here.

Jane Austen House

Everyone was in period costume which added to the ambiance so if you love literature of all genres and are interested in joining the fun  do check it out.

Cale and Kayden
Cale and Kayden reading
and listening to a reading of The Jungle Book

and was thrilled to read my own  Tales of the Caravanserai at the Storyteller’s Sandbox

At Lollygagger Lane.

Ziki Quest is one of the featured artists at this great venue and I’m honoured to be showing a few pieces here too.

beside the old cars and the clothesline!



There are many fine virtual blogs on WordPress. I don’t seem to have enough time to post regularly here but have more stories and adventures to share with you on my main blog, so I invite you to visit me there

oh the fine Scottish weather
The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan is here



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