the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

We have come to the end and again thank you all so much for your following of the tale and for your great responses all the way through. It was a difficult ending for me and a bit of an agony but I had to let it go so here it is!

Please read Part one  first

see The Siren’s Bones on the  header menu at top for list of chapters

( this last chapter is divided into two posts)


Part two

They heard thunder in the distance and felt the prickle of their hair standing on end when suddenly and with a loud hissing, St. Elmo’s fire lit up the rooftops on the shore and blue flame surged along the mast of the little boat. Muireal, lying on the bottom boards looked as though she had been wrapped up in a bright halo shroud. Everything was aglow and the water…

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