I love stories and part of my enjoyment of the virtual world is the visual inspiration I am able to use in storytelling. Sometimes it’s hard to keep two blogs so for the full story of the crow’s complaint please visit me at


the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

and now for something a little different today

Disclaimer:  In spite of it’s annoying alarm clock quality I am a great admirer of Corvus who never forgets and who often has a wicked sense of humour and vindication.

parkland The Manciple’s Tale

“It was all the fault of Phoebus wife you know,” complained the crow loudly as he watched the sun chariot rise into view. “Her infidelity was my downfall. After all, I was not always as you see me now. At one time my feathers were as white as the first snowfall. They shimmered like starlight and I could sing more beautifully than a wren.”  A winter wren sitting on a lacy tree branch warbled a skeptical dissent and took flight, having heard this story many times before. Unruffled the crow continued, “I merely reported what I had seen to the cuckolded husband and this was how he repaid me!”

“You really are a…

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