fairy tale

Sadly, they do not realize it is fairyland until they have grown too old and have forgotten the way

Although I know others have written about this colourful and delightfully imaginative place,  The Garden of Whimsy is a must for all gardeners and seekers of fairy lights and fireflies, and those who leave an overgrown place by the back gate for the wild spirits to come and play.

Night Bird by Deep Forest

I wrote a children’s story awhile ago about a little porcelain doll who had been left outside all night on the garden tea table. Here is a short excerpt from Chapter 3.

A Night in the Garden

suck thumb


….Bonnie was still lying there on the table as the shadow of evening quietly slid over the back lawn.   An orchestra of crickets somewhere near the back gate began to tune their instruments but, never quite progressed to a full blown melody………

fairy light
Bonnie could hear the stars singing as they winked into life and there was one that streaked across the sky in the note of high C.  She was sure it had fallen close by. The climbing white roses lit up on the arched trellis that led into the lower garden, and everything was humming with stardust.   There had even been a small explosion as the star hit the earth because immediately afterward, a cloud of glowing embers rose up and began to dart here and there. Of course they were fire flies, but Bonnie couldn’t differentiate them from pieces of stars.  She smiled in delight and didn’t mind at all that she had been left outside.  (Memories of a Button-Hook Child)

in the night garden

dark whimsey lge
Night fall

 A bit about Art and Artists of Second Life

With the Linden Endowment for the Arts, the virtual world has become a diverse venue of creativity. Many installations  have caught my eye of exploration such as the stunning and historical “Love Henry“.  My blogging friend, Lizzie Gudkov, writes in Second Life. She finds inspiration and writes wonderful stories relating to a visual scene or an image in the virtual world. I have met a few people like Huckleberry Hax who write fiction  in and about Second Life, and I’ve met others lately -too numerous to mention- whose images of second life are wonderfully artistic (check out my Flickr favourites). I’ve also met Canary Beck who is a  brilliant director and producer of  virtual theater and machinima in SL.


8 thoughts on “A Night in the Garden (A children’s Tale)

  1. Thank you for the mention, Cybele! Virtual worlds are very interesting resources for writers. My experience comes from being a resident in Second Life, but I’m sure other virtual environments are as inspiring as SL. Great photos!

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