Disturbia and things that go bump in the night

I don’t think things can get much more disturbing than Disturbia. There is something about an abandoned carnival in a lightning storm or a misshapen creature with an axe who you thought was standing over there and instead is suddenly standing over here, not to mention murder most foul (though I feel it was a bit of overkill ūüôā and think it would have been creepier without the Texas chainsaw massacre), oh and I must mention the dolls whose heads turn as you walk through a room.

So that being said and in the spirit of Halloween, Steven King, Edgar Allan Poe, and the very weird¬†M.R.James, ¬†I had to visit at least one virtually creepy place and here it was. ¬†I took a few pics, shivered, looked over my shoulder and hoped I wouldn’t have nightmares. I¬†then ended up writing my own ghost story based on such ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties as I well remember from days gone by.


Oh no, ¬†thought Charles ! The Bumper was back! He could hear it coming up the¬†stairs from the basement. ¬†Down in that¬†foreboding¬†place a huge ancient¬†furnace grinned fire and¬†gnashed toothy grates. ¬†It’s multiple arms¬†reached into the upper floors of the old house blasting heat and searching for unbelievers. ¬†The Bumper had made a home for itself in the darker recesses behind the coal bin. Charles wasn‚Äôt absolutely certain of this of course because he would never go down into the basement. Somewhere down there¬†was the entrance to an even more¬†hideous and unimaginable underworld.

Shhh! it's coming!
Shhh! it’s coming!

On dark moonless nights¬†the Bumper would come out and roam the upper floors. It always managed to open the closed cellar door even though¬†it¬†had no hands or for that matter any proper limbs at all…. ¬†

 Visit Tales from the basement and other dark places Рif you dare to to finish it, or would like to read other true ghost stories on the blog


In the meantime I have my silver bullets for werewolves, gold coins for the headless horseman and a variety of protective spells and prayers to ward off evil spirits. Happy Samhain, Hallow’s eve and All Souls Night ¬†to all!

Alice disturbed
Yamishibai land Alice Disturbed

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