of Castles and Secrets – The Tudors

Sept 9, 2015

Though I have been very busy and away traveling some of the time I can still be up for an interesting virtual adventure and story when it presents itself. As many know more than I about the LEA ( Linden Endowment for the Arts) installations all I can say is that the few I’ve seen are a real delight of art and imagination.

One I was able to visit called “Love Henry” creates a wonderful atmosphere and mood of a fascinating period of history. (thank you Cait)  I’m happy I now have Shomi, a video on demand service which allows me to watch the full episodes of “The Tudors.”

The Tudors

What if Anne Boleyn’s letter had been found and read? Would history have changed? Visit this lovely sim with beautiful architectural detail and enjoy the story.

Love Henry3

The Tudor Rose7e9527c888df15d921eb8d1cbf6f1ea8

the rose dew


Because I’m a fan of old and obscure folk and blues songs I found a rather interesting one with the same title as the sim, “Love Henry” about a woman scorned. “Come in come in my love Henry, stay with me this night…”

and for another great castle story- The Fairy Flag of Dunveganoh fine Scottish weather2 visit me here

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