02A huge kick start and heads up for the brilliant team of Rand Miller and Cyan Productions for continuing on with their brilliant worlds.  Following in the footsteps of the groundbreaking Myst (1990’s Game of the Year) and Riven, Obduction is their latest project. It’s been a twenty five year odyssey for the company that has never disappointed those that might belong to that group of “cerebral” gamers (as opposed to the visceral gamers?), yet their creations are always rife  with immersive adventure and a great story line. Mysteries and  puzzles abound and the landscapes are surreal and phenomenal. They have always included great soundtracks too with original music by artists like Peter Gabriel.

Check it out, If you like virtual worlds and originality,  it’s well worth it!! It will be out later this year!


Come on , don't be afraid to squeak up!

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